Why People Wear Utility Kilts?

There are many people around the globe that are now switching over to Utility kilts. Some people wears them for special occasions whereas others wear them daily.

Therefore, in order to talk about wearing a utility kilt in detail, I am sharing a small blog post for you guys. Here you can read all about it.


Why people Wear Utility Kilt?

No matter whether you are new to wearing Utility kilts or old, you still consider it as a costume. I’m not saying everyone but most people recognize it as such. Those people are often seasonal wearers or they only wear on certain occasions.


Whereas, some people are bound to wear them as a uniform for example the people in the pipe bands or the military uniform of Highland regiment. So, it is necessary for people to wear kilts in order to take part in any of the activities.


There are also some other people that considers kilt as a heritage clothing. They are the type of people that wear kilts in order to show love and affection to their Scottish history and culture.

They feel proud when wearing kilts and they take kilts etiquettes very seriously. You can find such type of people in Scottish cultural events.

They have many other things that are related to Scottish history in their wardrobe but the kilt is the main part of it.


People that consider a kilt as a costume are usually the type of people that are not too strict about the authenticity or the culture. They just want to wear kilts without caring about the design or the tartan.

They are the main reason behind the many types of kilts that we see nowadays. They are mostly interested in affordable alternatives like Utility kilts or modern kilts. They don’t want their kilt to be perfect but just good enough to get the job done.


They treat the fabric as any other fabric in their homes whereas the people of the “heritage clothing” category are going to respect their kilt and take good care of it.


Kilt History


People from Scottish family, they know the real value of kilt and they take it very seriously. The kilt originally originated in the Scottish Highlands region and it was mainly used as a uniform for the army of fighters. Before the year 1792, only the people in army were allowed to wear the kilt or if you wanted to wear it then join the army. It was chosen to be the Britain army uniform because it provided freedom of movement.