The Typical Anatomy Of Connor Paddon Scams

There are some usual ways that con men like Connor Paddon uses to trap unsuspecting members of the public.  Although the fine details might vary from different scams but the broad lines of operation remains the same.

Ways to gain Trust by Connor Paddon

The first step that most scams employ is to gain the trust of the victim.  There are numerous ways of doing so.  The first involves selling one self.  The prospective victim is made to believe in the stories that most of such people spread about themselves.  It could also mean that the perpetrator would employ ways to project an air of success or an air of wealth about themselves.

connor paddon

There are also scams when the victim is drawn towards the prospect of making some quick money.  These are principally the opening got by the Nigerian scams.  The prospect of making a lot of money with little or no expense on the victim’s part is a major ways of creating an opening in a large number of scams.

It is also possible that a long story about a suffering widow or a distressed daughter is also used.  In all this ambit, the prime focus is to sell to the victim the chance to make a tidy sum of money with little bad repercussions.

The Medium of Common Scams

The all pervasive nature of the internet has ensured that a good number of con men have taken to it.  The need to spend very little money to gain access to simple methods of communication has also endeared the internet to a large number of cheats.  Also the relative anonymity that the medium offers is an added attraction to many.

The medium is primarily used to establish the first ties with the victim.  With emails it is possible to reach the most people in quick time and at very little cost.  Thus emails have turned out to be a popular choice of many a fraud.  But the ploy employed by the con men has also evolved.  No longer do people take the stories of a windfall or a deceased wealth relative so easily.  But the prevalence of such emails even today point to a successful opening gambit for many.

connor paddon

There were those days when the newspapers were the most widely reached medium.  With ingenuity the hall mark of most successful of cheats, there is bound to be more innovative methods of getting people part with their hard earned money by some one or the other at some point or other.

The Success Stories

In most successful scams, the ability to get away with the loot is an important aspect of the operation as its initiation.  The anonymity that the internet offers has encouraged many a con man to take to his medium.  The high rewards that accompany an operation is also key to its success as more resources tend to be allocated to such work.  This would not be the first instance of scams on the internet and people are bound to have a lot more of it into the future.