Top Aging Factors to Pull Your Elders off the Driving Seat

According to leading Texas health care centers aging related auto accidents are directly responsible for the personal injuries suffered by them. The accidents also cost heavily for others in terms of property damages, injuries and sometimes even death. The data published by CDC in 2016, the number of fatal accidents involving elderly drivers over 70 were the highest. The study included various age groups of elders ranging from 60 to 80. The male drivers outnumbered the female drivers. The main reasons were found to be the declining of vision, lack of coordination between mind and body, cognitive defects and others.

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The state of Arizona has set the finest example of avoiding fatal accidents for the elderly. Your driving license will automatically expire after you reach 65. Then you need to get your eyesight tested and renew your license after every 5 years.

  • Eyesight Care: – Cataract is one of the major problems affecting the elderly citizens in the USA. According to CDC more than 16% of the people above 60+ suffer from cataract. The intensity could be from mild to critical. Diabetic related eye problems contributed to 8%, Glaucoma to 12% and other problems contributed to the rest. The ambitious program of Eye Care America gives you free testing facilities for testing your eyesight. The free cataract surgery program launched by the federal government also provides you options to rectify your eyesight problems.
  • Cognitive Care: – The cognitive abilities of the elders tend to decline after they reach 60. It doesn’t literally mean they lose the logic, reasoning and memory immediately. But they certainly start showing a downward trend. The gradient of the slope could be high among some, while it could be very low among the others. But you don’t have to lose heart if you belong to this category. You can come across several recovery and rehabilitation programs launched by the communities and the governments.
  • Physical Health: – The role of physical health is very important for driving after you cross over 60. If you have had any spell of illness, diseases and physical disorders after 60, you need to check your health and fitness levels regularly. You can find many health service providers near you who can suggest nutrition and supplements. In addition you need to start working on regular physical workouts to overcome the feelings of lethargy. You might not be able to attain the same level of fitness which you enjoyed in your 40s or 50s, but you will be able to reach the peak performance level for a person who is 60+. Regular physical workouts will also help you in controlling many of the disorders like diabetes, hypertension, heart palpitation etc.

    texas health care senior living

  • Immunity Levels: – The elderly care programs launched for the benefit of senior living helps in improving the immunity levels in your body. Your body stays immune to common infections and seasonal illness factors for a long time. You need to check for the right program and get enrolled to get the maximum benefits.