The questions you have to ask a bail bond company

Imagine a situation where a person known to you would be under arrest. Ideally, by hook or cook, you would be looking to secure their releases on an immediate basis. This does go on to require a lot of mental along with physical patience. For this, you can rely on sites like But still, a lot of questions arises about jail bonds and how you can plan to secure the release of a person from jail. Let us flip through the set of questions one by one
What would be the total cost of the bail bond
Once again this boils down to the state where you reside and the crime for which you are subject to arrest. At any point in time, the amount of bail should not go above 15 % of the total cost of the bond. All the percentage rates are put forth by the state government and once again this would depend on a state to state basis.

The time duration you have to be in jail before you go on to post the amount of bail
The time duration that you have to be in jail does evolve to a lot of factors. In case if you have any previous charges or even waiting for pending charges, then the duration has to be more. For this reason, the time would go on to increase. In case if you are waiting for the next day of any pending charges, then the amount will flare-up. Once again this evolves to a case by case basis.
If the charges are alcohol you have to be in jail for nearly 8 to 9 hours. Once again this boils down to the rule that evolves down in every state. If you are resisting arrest you have to be in lock-up till the next court date. The charges here are grave. Once again this would evolve down to the time you have to figure out in jail. Even the time frame could increase and that would evolve down to the charges you are put.
Can you avail the services of anyone when you happen to be in jail?
A lot of people are in a state of confusion that they are not in a position to call someone from jail. This ceases to be a false assumption and no truth exists in this logic.
In case if you are subject to arrest any known person can go on to post bail for you. There are a couple of requirements which they have to fulfil before they go on to post the bail. First you have to be above 18 years of age and secondly, there has to be a personal identification. If you do not know the person properly a risk accrues when you are posting bail for that person. There does a strong chance that the person can go on to skip the court dates and you can be in trouble.