The best real estate agenda for the real estate agent + How to organize a real estate daily

The use of time is not something exclusive to the information society, but a personal productivity challenge with a long history in the history of mankind. In fact, the first manuals on the subject date back to the first industrial revolution. Today, we want to go deeper into this topic: «how to organize a real estate agenda for Capital Smart City » and give you some tips and ideas, which can help you perform more in your daily work.
Benjamin Franklin said that “The three most difficult things in this life are: keep a secret, forgive a grievance and take advantage of time.”
Take advantage of time, necessarily goes through the following phases:

  • Organize
  • To plan
  • Remember

These three phases are interconnected with each other, so that if one of the pillars fails, the rest of the building falters. Let’s see step by step how to address each of the steps.

How to organize a real estate daily for the real estate agent

Without a doubt, the first phase is to put all the tasks on the table to be able to group them with some sense. In Inmogesco we have a trick to take advantage of the real estate agent’s day taken out of the television industry: the assignment of tasks by scenarios. That is, when organizing the tasks, we group them around the different spaces in which they will be developed. Thus, if you work as a real estate agent requires different scenarios, it may be a good idea to group your tasks according to where they will be performed, whether in the real estate agency, or in other known spaces.
Another of the tricks we recommend is the use of tasks efficiently. If “updating the properties on your real estate website such as Sky Marketing” is a task that can be subdivided into others, and also involves several people, it is better that you state it in the most detailed way possible.
Among other advantages, you can be more exhaustive when assigning time to each mini-task and making fewer parallax errors.

Plan the day step by step

It can be a tremendously tedious task, although not for that reason, without value for the agent. In fact, it is the tonic that governs all “top producer” real estate agents as we learned from Leonardo Cromstedt.
If you don’t know where to start, these tips can help you:

·         Time allocation

If each task is correctly timed, without exaggeration or stinginess, the planning will be more effective. Otherwise it can fill your real estate agenda with errors and frustrations.

·         Set priorities

That does not mean that you despise the smallest ones. An effective real estate agent is one who comes to everything, you know “the devil is in the details”.
In this link you will find more information on how to set priorities in your daily work, always being aware that the day has 24 hours and the prioritization is definitely a system of substitution of tasks, because we are always doing something.

·         Flexibility

Many agents complain that our sector does not know schedules or breaks. And it is true, this profession is more like that of an autonomous entrepreneur (in fact many are) than an employee who files when entering and leaving.
To survive these schedules, great flexibility is needed, knowing that we must also devote time to leisure and family, because not everything is work.

The best real estate agenda for the real estate agent

If our reminder system is not effective, all the effort and time spent organizing and planning will be of no use. This is the time to rely on software for real estate  agents that fulfill that function for you. These are some of our recommendations:

Google Calendar

Without a doubt, the most popular and the most effective agenda. You have available all the calendars you want, as well as automatic synchronization on all your devices, functions to share tasks with other members of your team, and all the reminders you can imagine.
Since its departure it has far exceeded all its competitors, especially for being so easy to use and its possibilities of scale, which allows it to be used by all types of users. 
What we like most is that you can consult in Spanish, something that many of those who bid for their throne do not share.

Event flow

If you want to complement Google Calendar with a clean and functional widget, we recommend Event Flow. It is very customizable, and without being a complete application, it will allow you to have a permanent reminder of the activities to be developed on the desktop of your smartphone.
From Sky Marketing we encourage you to get an agenda like these and start taking control of your time, to be more effective and productive in your day to day.
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