Real Estate Training: "Remember the Phrases That Will Help You Sell"

The lack of quality real estate training is noticeable in the new real estate agents that access the sector attracted by the possibility of high income like in Blue World CityWith basic training on how a real estate agency works and some sales tricks, they believe that success is a matter of time. Sorry to tell you, that is not the case.
Increasingly, those interested in this sector attend real estate training courses before looking for work or when they start working. This is commendable; but sadly, the training they access is incomplete in the area of ​​sales and marketing.
Nothing like experience in real estate sales; but this may be too late and after having made many mistakes. Nobody wants this kind of experience. We all want to accelerate our success by making the inevitable mistakes as soon as possible.
Trying to help real estate agents achieve this success as soon as possible , I am going to present several real estate sales phrases that summarize much of what is not learned in these real estate training classes . We start

Real Estate Training: What Experts Know.

Phrase # 1: “The price of a property is always a problem, if you show the property and negotiate its sale just like other real estate agents.”
When negotiating with benefits instead of features and the client is shown the advantages of the payment method, the price of the property does not influence so much in his decision making.
Phrase # 2: “To know what your customers really think, pay attention to what they do, rather than what they say.”
That is why it is so important in real estate sales to be trained in NLP real estate training techniques and to know how to interpret the words and body language of the client.
Phrase No. 3: “If you do the same thing that the rest of the agencies and agents in your area do, you will always get a poor result because you will not be differentiating yourself”.
This is because of the way many real estate agencies try to attract customers online. They always do the same, write the same ads, only publish on real estate portals, invest the same budget and do not test their ads to know how they can improve. Of course, today they want more customers than yesterday, doing the same as yesterday. It’s crazy!
Phrase No. 4: “The best way to attract new customers and also for free is to establish an after sales service.”
All real estate agents remember and understand this phrase; However, they forget about real estate after-sales. Expert real estate  agents obtain approximately 40% of their annual sales, through satisfied customers who have presented them with new clients.
Phrase # 5: “Real estate marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the price and location of real estate.”
That is why it is so important to use content marketing as a real estate sales strategy. You will sell more by being the first to capture customer attention, (because you give something without asking for anything in return), than being the best real estate agent in your area.
Phrase nº: 6: “You must find a place in the market where your competitors have become lazy. Specialize in a certain area of ​​real estate sales: land, commercial real estate, restaurants, luxury homes, renovations …
A very famous phrase in business and that real estate agencies should take more into account . Dedicating to selling all types of real estate does not make the agency sell more and grow in the medium term. A real estate agency grows and generates more benefits if it has a specialized commercial team in certain areas.

Real Estate Training: Learn from the Errors of Others.

Phrase No. 7 : “If you want to impress your customers when you present a property, be brief. Words are like sunrays. The more concentrated, they burn better. ”
In real estate negotiation, sellers tend to talk too much when they do not know the property they are selling well. When you know what are the characteristics and benefits of a property, when you have prepared the presentation with a client, few words are enough. Having ease of speech does not sell real estate.
Phrase # 8: “Enthusiasm and trust are contagious. Just like the lack of trust and the little enthusiasm. ”
Customers are smarter and better informed than you think. And they are highly influential with your mood. A real estate agent shows confidence when he dominates neurolinguistic negotiation techniques, knows how to listen and shows that he knows the property he sells well. We all like to be next to people who dominate the situation and prove it. That is trust.
Phrase # 9: “You are always right, if you think you can sell this property, you can, and if you think you cannot, you cannot. Either way you’re right. ”
This phrase demonstrates why some American and Anglo-American academies include in their real estate training programs a course to learn to visualize .
Phrase # 10 : “If you focus on the activities of searching for clients, present and follow up on these clients; sales will come by themselves. ”
In the real estate sector you have to help buy the customer from the moment we receive your email or your phone call. Many real estate agents are looking for clients, but do not strive to provide an appropriate service to the clients they capture.
Phrase # 11 : “Always keep your portfolio full of potential customers. It creates a continuous flow of requests for information from different media. ”
This is the way to sell real estate from expert agents. That’s why their efforts are focused on finding customers every day , even if they have secure sales that week. Complacency is a very common mistake among real estate agents. Expert real estate agents keep in mind that all the activities they do today will give them clients within 1 or 2 months . Therefore they create a continuous flow of requests for information that brings customers every week.

Real Estate Training: A Practical Case.

Let’s see an example. A real case of one of my students in Arequipa, Peru. A real estate agent who after 4 months in the market and after investing $ 1,870 dollars in creating his business, has sold a property that has reported a profit of $ 3,330 dollars.
Now Eusebio Márquez wants to create a continuous flow of information requests every week; So you dedicate 25% of your income to online marketing as follows:
Available budget = $ 832 dollars.
1.- Campaign 1 on Facebook: $ 5 dollars a day = $ 150 dollars / month
2.- Google Adwords campaign: $ 10 dollars a day = $ 300 dollars / month
3.- Real estate portals, (only 2) = $ 180 dollars per month
4.- Miscellaneous in online resources = $ 86 dollars
5.- Campaign 2 on Facebook, (budget left over) = $ 116 dollars per month.
Traffic and information requests
1.- Campaign 1 on Facebook: 242 visits – 15 requests
2.- Campaign in Google Adwords: 272 – 16 requests
3.- Real estate portals:? – 9 requests
5.- Campaign 2 on Facebook: 216 – 7 requests
Total applications in 4 weeks = 47 applications over a period of 2 months.
Total visits = 13 visits in 2 months
Sales = 2 sales in 2 months + 3 possible sales in process, (processing bank credit, comparing prices, etc. Sales that can be closed or not.
Imagine this process every month . Would you have customer acquisition problems, following this line? Investing between 800 and $ 1,000 dollars each month in online promotion? Of course not.
What will never be viable is to invest in an improvised campaign on Facebook $ 5 – $ 10 dollars a day for 10 days and wait for the rabbit to jump.
What will never be feasible is to invest $ 200 dollars in the real estate portal that best makes you the discount on their rates this month and wait for the Virgin to appear.
What will never work is to work without an action plan and improvise the writing of your ads and the choice of photos as you create the ad on Facebook, Google or the portals.
Eusebio Márquez is no crack. He is a miner by profession and tired of working underground he ventured into this sector, but not before training, ask for advice, prepare a business plan, learn how advertising works on Facebook Ads, advertising on Google, (here I go wrong) , learn how to write ads for property for sale and how to answer the phone to generate interest in your property being visited.
Eusebio invested about $ 800 of his budget to create his real estate business in testing and testing ads on Facebook and Google and learn how portals work. And yet he was able to sell 2 properties that reported $ 3,330. From there it was when he created the real estate sales funnel. Now there is no stopping him!
I would appreciate your leaving us a comment on this article. Why do you think that the real estate training offered in most academies does not show how to create a real estate sales funnel? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.