Multiple Services from Junk Genius

The role of Junk Genius in handling various types of residential and commercial junk is a part of balancing the environmental cleanliness. The company takes care of all the procedures from the pickup of loads till, loading, transportation, unloading, recycling, reprocessing and dumping. Every process has its own unique methods and requires machine and manpower resources. The infrastructural features of Junk Genius are shaped to take care of all these aspects with the highest levels of efficiency. Junk Genius has deployed state of the art vehicles, skilled and experienced manpower, high end equipment and tools for taking care of the junk management cycle.

Junk Genius

State of the Art Trucks at Junk Genius

 The trucks and other vehicles used by Junk Genius are all state of the art technology based. They can handle large volumes of junk in one load. The system gives you the options of selecting ¼, 1/2, ¾ or full load. A comparison of these trucks with the standard size vehicles shows that the trucks can handle 4 times the load at highly affordable rates.

Maintenance is the key to consistent services at Junk Genius. The company takes care of servicing the trucks regularly. The system implements preventive and corrective measures for keeping the trucks under perfect working conditions during all the seasons.

Skilled manpower at Junk Genius

Junk handling is a science which requires the knowledge of various junk types and their potential harmful effects. At the same time the personnel need to know about the methods of handling different types of junk while segregating, dismantling, packing and loading.

All the types of junk may not need packing. They could be simply loaded into the trucks and transported. But some forms do need packing with leak proof packaging materials. For example you can consider the removal of alkaline battery parts. The first requirement is that the chemical within the battery be emptied. But the personnel from Junk Genius cannot simply empty it and throw the liquid into the gutter. This would be against the rules of Environmental protection Agency. Hence they are trained to handle these types of junk in an eco friendly manner.

Junk Genius

The skilled manpower of Junk Genius is also aware of the methods of dismantling the larger size junk into manageable proportions. For this they use many types of equipment and tools. For example you can consider the breaking down of construction and renovation debris.  The personnel carefully destruct the large size concrete debris into cement, gravel, metal and other ingredients. Then they load these elements separately into the trucks. This approach helps in recycling of parts individually.

Recycling Plants and Junk Genius

Junk Genius is supported by many recycling and reprocessing plants which help in converting the junk into reusable objects. This process takes lots of expertise, machinery and time. By the end of recycling and reprocessing, the volume of potentially harmful elements in the junk is reduced to near zero. The system at Junk Genius takes care of complete environment protection procedures while performing the tasks of recycling and reprocessing.