Best way to Furniture Relocation London

There are many reasons which can make a person to remove his or her office furniture. These include furniture relocation , renovation, job switching, or replacing. Furniture relocation will be a difficult task if you have never done it before. Office removal is somehow different from home because you may require disposing of the items entirely.  Old furniture can also cause havoc especially if you are downsizing or shifting to a small place than before. You want to go the things easy and smoothly, read the following tips.  These will guide you how to deal with office furniture removals London.

Office Furniture Removal Tips

Recycle or Dispose

Firstly, you need to make a list of all items present in your office and figure which things you need. Spare those items which are old, wary and of no use. You can sell the good conditioned items at low prices to retailers where they can get reused. It will also help you in making a few money out of it. The furniture that is not appropriate to reuse should dispose of in an eco-friendly way. A removal company in London can help you in disposing of safely.

Hiring a Removal Company

Taking help from a relocation company will not only save your money but also the effort that you need to put on the whole process. In London, you can easily search for such firm online by browsing through any webpage. You must hire such company that is well aware of the legal aspects of a corporate relocation. To find the best company, you can ask for referrals from colleagues, subordinates, or business partner. Check the rating and reviews of the company before hiring them.

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Pack the Essentials

Even you have hired services of man and van removals, pack your important documents, papers, and books yourself.  Take a bag and put all your essentials including stationary and desktop hardware. Avoid transporting your laptop because it involves a high risk of being stolen or getting damaged.

Pack the Furniture

You should pack the office furniture by using wraps available in the local supermarket. Removal companies bring such things with them to pack the things safely. Check that edges are covered in a proper way so that it may not injure anyone. Also, use the bubble wraps to safeguard mirrors, electronics and other breakables present in the office.

Fix a Date

When you have found the new relocation, set a time when you will shift from your old place. You must not organize any meeting, activity, or meet up that day. Take help from removal firm in getting estimated time you need to move.

Seek Advice and Help

It is a good idea to talk about furniture relocation with your employees in advance. They can provide you help in dealing with the relocation process.


You can also donate the old furniture to some charity organization if you are interested in helping people. It will also make you qualified for a tax deduction by the government.

Packaging Boxes

Write the name of items stuffed in boxes or cartons so that you can start work as soon as you relocate to the new place.