Instagram has just hit one billion active users on its social media platform. With having soo much active users, its the right to become a part of Instagram if you are not still on Instagram. Another thing, it has video content making an app which is called IGTV. It allows users to have long time video. Here should we say goodbye to YOUTUBE?

Well, here is the thing. IGTV is similar to Youtube, but it’s more like a different thing from Youtube. Strategies that work for Youtube, might not work for IGTV. IGTV gives its users full allowance to make a video for up to 1 hour! Can you imagine that? From 60 seconds video on Instagram, you get a feature that allows you to make your video up to 1 hour. IGTV has given the opportunity to Instagram bloggers to show their creativity with a detailed video which they have always wanted.
If you want to Get likes and views, you want to make sure you are editing your IGTV video at its best. If you want to get more likes, views, and comments on your video content, then you need to invest in your video. Editing vertical content video is not easy. So Here are some tips that might help while you are editing your IGTV video.


So the first thing to edit a vertical content video is to set up sequence settings. The aspect ratio for IGTV video is 9:16. the landscape format such as the normal high definition and 4K resolution is 16:9. So the vertical video is flipping 90 degrees.

Let us make a few sequences presets that you can you use depending on the source video that you are working with. So go to the new item for the project panel and select sequence. You can start from pretty much any present here since we are going to make customization to them from setting tab. It is important to know that ITV requires minimum Frame Rate of 30fps. Now go to the settings and flip the frame size from 16:9 to 9:16. here you have to scale up against HD 1920X1080 video into the vertical 1080×1920 sequence. To avoid pixelated video, you might want to cut the frame size that divides both 1080 and 1920 by 2. by doing so fame sizes reduce to 540X960. but here the aspect ratio is 9:16 which IGTV requires for its video. Now save the settings.


The second tip to make vertical IGTV video is to take things seriously. It means that when you shoot a video for Youtube, the way you use your lights, audio and using a good camera lens, do the same for IGTV videos.
It is recommended to tilt your camera vertical so it will become easy for you to set up frame vertically and crop it later.


A lot of people are gonna shoot their video horizontally rather than flipping 90 degrees. You have to flip your phone horizontally to watch it.
I think its a bad idea because the whole idea of IGTV is to make seamless and if your video is horizontally and other’s videos are vertical then people might not like it. So shoot vertical video as much as possible as long as it is an IGTV video.


You want to make sure your video has been viewed by most of your followers. If you are uploading a 10-minute video, you might not want your audience to get bored.
You might want to spice up your video a little bit. Just be precise and short. That’s the best thing you can do on IGTV. Usually, people scroll sideways to watch another video. So if you want your video to be exposed to a number of audiences, then make your video up to 3 minutes.


When it comes to editing, quality plays a major role in it. You want to make sure your video quality is at its best. Because people are inspired by quality. Whether it is shot from an iPhone, you want to edit the quality of your video 10 times more.

If your video is pixelated, then it might be not very much attractive. If you want to increase more views, likes, and comments on your IGTV videos, then quality is the key to it.


When making a video, make sure its relevant to your topic. Don’t upload anything which is not related to your niche then it becomes very complicated.

While editing, make sure you fill the description bar perfectly. Because here most of the people fail. Make sure to write related to your video or else it will leave a bad impression which can result in fewer views and likes. So spice up your video with a good description and you can also use hashtags if you want to. It will look like a regular post on Instagram.