Maybelline Espresso Exposed Color Sensational Swatches & Lipstick Review


Maybelline Espresso Color Sensational Nude Lipstick is among the more dramatic colors launched with the Maybelline the Buffs Lipstick Collection.
Because you understand the Buffs are a range of numerous new nude, natural lipsticks that will be a part of Maybelline’s durable Color Sensational Lipstick range starting this Spring.
The colors were created to flatter many different different skin tones and obviously Maybelline Espresso Exposed Color Sensational Lipstick is the most fitting for warmer skin tones than my own.
However, no concerns you can completely rock a vampy lip seem with it. The formulation is creamy and fine with coverage at application. It does have an extremely subtle taste and odor. I am discovering the Buffs appears to vary with odor and their flavor and this colour is just one of the more subtler ones in that area. It doesn’t tug or haul during program which is a bonus for a pigmented colour and really has a satin finish.
Color Sensational Nude Lipstick

Maybelline Espresso Exposed Color Sensational Lipstick swatches

My issue with this stems from the fact it is hard to get an even finish with because it will need to migrate anywhere during program and once applied it does a lot of the same. I’d recommend some type of transparent or colored lipliner to keep it from taking road trips around your face. The colour is quite dramatic for fair or perhaps medium tones so a small clear gloss can help utter out it and also make it considerably more wearable (that’s the way I wore it below because you aren’t getting nearly the complete impact of it from my image below).

  • The colour is a bit burgundy using a darker wine to it.
  • Should you want the play this one brings it as it’s the boldest color in the Buffs line up.
  • Maybelline Espresso Exposed Color Sensational Lipstick fotd
  • It’s a little too much for me implemented full on but with gloss I can work it easily!
  • I enjoyed this one, a lot, so it gets a Muse Approval.

Who is in the market to get a buttery, highly-pigmented, drugstore matte lipstick? I think we are, and boyare we in chance!! The Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks are finally hitting the shelves of several drugstore departments.


My sister, Jenny, and I have been looking down some of those lipsticks, and we’ve only managed to find them at Target, and of course, there are just a few left. Our advice for you is to find out the day of this week that cosmetics products are being restocked by Target and head over there immediately!
Trust me when I say this, you MUST buy these lipsticks. My sister and I are shocked in a good way of course — with the formulation. They are the very ideal matte formula in the pharmacy. It is extremely common to buy lipsticks that tug and completely latch onto those dry regions of your own lips, but these lipsticks are incredibly creamy. They move on like a dream and feel quite moisturizingtheir vanilla scent is not my preferred, but the smell does not get to me.

We insist that you purchase them at Target since they’re costly at $5.49 eachyear. Isn’t that exciting?!

The line comes with 10 beautiful colours which vary from nudes to pinks to some vampy red to a orangey red shade. The new fall collection has the colour selection that is perfect. In my opinion, the best color of the whole collection is”Touch of Spice.”
Most are obsessed with locating Kylie Jenner’s signature mauve bare lipstick, and this is really the nearest color I have seen in the drugstore. Ughhh, it’s so stunning, and I can not handle it!
On your left you can locate a few lip swatches. Let us know what you think of them, and exactly what colors you are dying to get your hands on!
In case you can not get your hands on these, do not you worry because they’re permanent.