Instagram is a powerful marketing tool

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool by producing great content.Instagram marketing is all about building that foundation for your strong business and once you’ve established that foundation, your brand presence online is ready to grow. Here are the best strategies that reveals the secrets to instagram marketing.

create a hashtag contest:

It is the most effective secret to instagram marketing.create a united campaign by running a themed hashtag contest.

contests are very helpful in building excitement for your brand and can fastly grow your social following.this strategy is common on instagram.use appropriate hashtags for your posts like tagging your brand in the caption.

Use instagram direct:

Social media is valuable to marketing because of its open conversation feature with customers.instagram direct provides the I have provided some ways how brands use the instagram direct:

It allows the users to send customer service or product queries and get a visible response.

It allows to send thank you pictures to customers for recent purchases.

It allows to send coupons,press releases or other incentives to top followers.

Break down your platform barriers:one of the best feature of instagram is its connection with makes sharing of your content easy on different platforms.use best of this feature to share your content across every social media.if your instagram focus if on product photos then embed your instagram stream on your website.

Secret to get great engagement:

The easiest way to engage users on instagram and get instagram likes is to like and comment on their pictures.try a rule for engaging potential followers.

  • Find a user in your niche
  • Like 5 photos
  • Comment on 3 photos
  • Earn 1 new follower

Use of hashtags:  hashtags are the game changer for marketing on can make or break your content by using hashtags.popular hashtags are those that are locally related to your post.hashtags greatly impact the engagement on your posts and they are the cause whether your content will catch the attention of target people or choosing right and relevant hashtag is important to target the desired market.

Make the  post drafts on hand:If you don’t want to spent money and time on some content scheduling app then don’t worry we have find a solution for you,that is drafts feature in instagram.

drafts feature lets you  add a post to the app, write a caption and tag people in it, but choose not to publish it but, you can select to save your post as a will add up  the post in the app and lets you allow to  immediately  publish when you want to post.

Make your content scheduled:Maintaining a healthy content schedule is most important part for marketing on instagram. All the social media marketers know that it’s beneficial to make a sequence of photos but not all know that there are more easier methods to schedule the content.

you can schedule your content by using different apps like  Later or Buffer .by using these apps you can schedule your posts in a better way as you can make a plan for your content in advance that reduces the effort to plan on daily basis for what to post on instagram today and this is a big advantage that will let you spend more time with your followers  and it will build a strong image of your presence on instagram.
All-powerful editing apps:use of effective editing apps is not a  big secret but it is very helpful tools for providing a strong strategy of instagram marketing.Here i will tell you about the most powerful editing app that is is the product of has few all powerful features.Healing brushes and curves makes it a perfect editing app for posts.


Make a broadloom feed:

Making a broadloom instagram feed means creating a eye catching visual representation of your posts that will make your gallery more beautiful and attractive for fans and followers.this feature is not applicable to all businesses.This is a secret to boast instagram marketing.editing you photos in a collage will make the post more attractive.

Share testimonials and reviews: If you are going to use instagram for driving sales for your business,then this secret will help you alot.sharing review with masses is a great idea.

when there are purchase decisions  social evidence can mean everything.sharing reviews will help showing people that what other people think about your products or will help in building positive perception about your brand.

Packaging and promotions:If nothing is working try this top secret of instagram marketing to top up engagement on your posts..Sharing  discounts or promotions is a simple way to get fans to act more quickly and become customers.Keeping them busy with promotions will help you lead them away from that unconcern.

sharing packaging  and promotions on instagram will provide better chances for your followers to turn them customers.It’s easy for people to admire your products from afar on Instagram.promotions and discounts tend to get more attention of people towards your brand.

Go for Live Broadcast:Instagram Live feature is still a strong marketing strategy that you must consider adding to your collection.all around the world brands are still working inexhaustibly to find the strategies that work best for Live as a platform – and trust me, there’s a lot of them.

Maintain your Story:Use your products to tell a story that will get the attention of your will help in getting your audience’s interest.use a beautiful visual representation to tell your story properly.make sure that your posts are valuable for your target market.

Share behind-the-scenes content:Sharing behind the scenes content will get more engagement on your may contain the raw form of your will help to get the involvement of your target masses.Brands can use Instagram as a tool for sharing their customers behind-the-scenes images of their business and keep them updated on new products.

Make a Carousel:  “Carousel” was previously available to only advertisers,but now this is available on instagram.

it is the latest platform update on is a applicable way for seasoning of your instagram content is a easy way to post multiple photos and videos in a single instagram post.

Make a Relation with influencers: Small businesses take advantage by making good relation with the influencers on helps in building a great following.influencers marketing is vast on instagram.

Reward your audience:Turn your engagement and brand loyalty by rewarding your most active followers and brand ambassadors.provide coupons and contests to give them incentives to engage and promote your brand.use instagram direct to find top followers.

Get advantage of monetization tool: Monetization tools provide you the ease for your Instagram fans to find the products you promote on your Like2Buy use these types of tools to boost your ecommerce business.

Run Instagram Ads: With the use of instagram ads you can directly target your desired audience in a very short time.instagram ads lets you target to people that you think will be much interested in your product.

many brands are taking advantage of instagram ads.these are not complicated like facebook is not a top secret because every brand or company is taking advantage of this feature.


What is Snapchat and Why Should You Care

Snapchat is one of the top social media apps to share your valuable messages with others. You can send photos, videos, messages and much other stuff with this messenger. This app is created in 2011 by four friends in Stanford University. The main feature with this app is the message you share will be disappeared within 24 hours of upload. This feature became added advantage to the app that people are sharing their daily updates which will disappear in a day. Hence this became best feature as more people used to addict themselves with the Snapchat messenger.

What is Snapchat and Why Should You CareHow to use Snapchat:

Snapchat is free software available in both play store and App stores. You can download from them and install in your mobile. A registered mail ID is required to install the app in your mobile. After install signup with your registered mail ID. Just follow the user manual to go through next steps. Here are some important features in Snapchat messenger you need to know.

Snapchat Filters:

The home page of Snapchat will be in opened camera. You can upload pictures and images with this camera. Tapping on camera icon will take your pictures and long press on same icon will record videos. Pushing the post icon will send the image to your friends in contact list.

Filters are the special feature to camera where you can add several other icons, photographs, graphics, and gifs to your images. You can see filter option on top the page where you can get these filters for free. The filters option will help to make your picture more beautiful with awesome looking qualities.

Changing voice in Snapchat Video:

The new feature added with the Snapchat messenger is changing voice while recording video. You can change your voice to cats, dogs, and many others with just a single click. To change voice you need to click on new speaker icon at the bottom left of the screen. Tap here to change voice in your video.

Face Swap:

This is another amazing feature with the Snapchat that gives you fun with changing face. You can have face swap with other pictures in your gallery with this feature. This option will change your face to some others face and you will feel fun and joy watching this.

Daily updates:

You can see daily updates of your friends or relatives who were in your friends list. When a person updates any photo or video, you will immediately get notification to watch their status. You can also update your day to day status with your friends. They will feel really in touch with you.

What is Snapchat and Why Should You Care

Benefits of Snapchat Messenger:

Snapchat is highly growing social media app with more number of downloads. Everyday several people update their status with the Snapchat. Using this app will really feel like you are spending time. Hence you will feel graceful to spend time with your friends. Here is a link to know more about Snapchat